Benefits Planning

Benefits Planning enables beneficiaries with disabilities to make informed choices about going to work, and also supports working beneficiaries in making progress toward self-sufficiency. Our Benefits Specialist will work with beneficiaries to provide in-depth counseling about benefits and the effect of work on those benefits.

Services available:

  • Work Incentive Summary
  • Benefits Summary & Analysis
  • PASS Plan
  • Developing Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)
  • Assisting with resolving benefits issues

Please print and complete the Application for Benefits Planning Form located at the bottom of this page.

After completing the form, please email or fax it to Clark Young at, F: 641-684-4351.

Please call Clark at 641-684-5401, Ext. 40035 if you have any questions when filling out this form.

Clark will email you a confirmation and let you know which NOD code to request in order to begin services.

Goodwill Benefits Planning Application