Skills Training

cleaning drinking fountainGoodwill Industries of Central Iowa provides the following skills training programs to help individuals overcome employment obstacles and become more independent. These programs are designed to be applicable to individuals in a wide variety of settings, especially in situations where limitations based on disabilities or other barriers to employment exist.

Our programs include:

Methods of Instruction for All Courses

The trainer models the skill and provides instruction, information and examples. Participants practice the modeled behavior under simulated conditions that may be found in the specific setting. Participants have an opportunity to rehearse and practice skills. The trainer provides feedback to participants and repeats instruction if needed. Activities include: classroom discussion, small/large group activities, worksheets, handouts, video/Power Point presentations, demonstrations, field trips, role-play, job fairs, and on location work.


Fees for training have been established with major funders and referral sources. These include Polk County Health Services, Medicaid, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Case Management. Many community based organizations also serve as referral sources.

You can explore and learn more about our Skills Training Programs by filling out our Online Intake and Admission Form by clicking here to complete the form today. If you have additional questions, please call 515-265-5323 ext 220 or email Kevin Lord.