Janitorial Training

Program Mission

To provide basic skills for the sector of the janitorial industry to individuals with barriers to employment, so they can gain work within this industry or related fields.

Program Overview

The janitorial training program is a program with 30 shifts. Classes and training occur Monday through Friday for six hours each day. The program serves individuals who have barriers to employment and need assistance in making the transition to work, by teaching skills necessary to successfully obtain and maintain employment.

Individuals may begin the training program after the referral and intake procedures have been completed. Classes are held at Goodwill Industries headquarters.

Methods of Instruction

The trainer models the skill and provides instruction, information, and examples. Clients practice the skills under simulated conditions that may be found in janitorial/cleaning industry environments. While clients are rehearsing and practicing skills, the instructor provides feedback and repeats instruction, if needed.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in janitorial skills related to community-based employment: floor care, carpet care, cleaning skills
  • Increase awareness of customer service skills
  • Increase knowledge of safety issues in this industry
  • Demonstrate understanding of employment readiness skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of job retention skills

Requirements for Course Completion:

  • Completion of course work within designated time
  • Being present for each day of training, on time
  • Demonstrating proficiency in janitorial skills related to employment

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