Supported Employment Program

RobertThe Supported Employment program offers individuals assistance in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community. Job searches are tailored around the individual, taking into account their goals, needs, and current skills. Goodwill staff members work hard to assess a person’s skills and other individual factors in order to help identify compatible jobs that meet their needs.

Individuals in this program often work closely with a Goodwill Employment Specialist to improve their job searching skills. These skills include methods to effectively approach employers and fill out applications, as well as how to interview and follow up with the employer after an interview. Once employment is obtained, the focus is shifted to those skills necessary to maintain a job.

At this point, a Job Coach may be assigned to work alongside the individual at their new job, helping them learn necessary skills. While essential skills and job tasks are being learned, the Job Coach may be helping the new employee to communicate and interact more effectively with their supervisor and co-workers. The Job Coaches’ main role is to work with each individual to help them maintain employment and become more fully integrated into their work culture.

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