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Earlier this month, Sony Pictures and Goodwill launched a nationwide Spider-Man costume contest inspired by the July 7 release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Popular YouTube bloggers were selected to DIY a Spider-Man suit of their own creation, using Goodwill sourced materials. The public was then asked to do the same and post their submission photos to the contest website for a round of public voting. After more than 10,000 votes were tallied, the winner was selected and invited to attend the June 28 premiere in Los Angeles. You can browse all the submissions here.

At Goodwill of Central Iowa, we decided to put our own spin on the concept by involving participants in our Day Services Program. It’s well known that we have quite a few comic book aficionados in Day Services, so we had an enthusiastic response to the project. Tammy and Walter visited our Johnston store where they had a blast sourcing the perfect elements to make up their Spider-Man inspired costumes.

Tammy’s suit came together using a pair of red leggings, a long-sleeve red shirt, blue vest, red scarf and black sunglasses. Walter used a red sweatshirt, a blue zip-up with the arms removed and black athletic pants. We used knee socks to create sleeves reminiscent of Spidey’s. Walter’s mask was made with the material taken from his sleeves.

With these finds from Goodwill and a permanent marker, we were able to put together two different but equally amazing interpretations of Spider-Man’s look. Tammy and Walter were very pleased with what they created and look forward to attending a showing of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Aubrey Streicher, a counselor in the Day Services Program who helped facilitate the project, talked with us about how this project supports programming she and the rest of the Day Services staff implement daily.

“These are concepts they are very familiar with, but this project was a change of pace and allowed Tammy and Walter to work on implementing key components in a different scenario.

  • Making their own choices (defining a color scheme and choosing individual pieces)
  • Asking for help when they need it (putting their outfit whole together, cutting/drawing)
  • Expressing themselves (wearing costumes in front of people)
  • Using abstract thinking (how to use a scarf, cutting off arms to make a vest, using socks for sleeves)

For these two, superheroes are a big deal. They never realized they could be their own version of a hero before this project. We talked about how, even without super powers, you can embody the characteristics of those you admire.”

This project was a small but powerful reminder of the truly unique model that Goodwill of Central Iowa follows. Using the goods from our retail store to create a supportive learning experience for individuals we serve, as well as reminding us that Goodwill stores are a fantastic alternative to shopping elsewhere. We hope this inspires you to think of shopping Goodwill for your next project and gets you excited to see Spider-Man Homecoming, hitting theaters Friday, July 7.

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