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In celebration of Goodwill Week, our team had the pleasure of collaborating with two very stylish partners for in-store events.  At our Johnston store, Tyler Wentworth of Wentworth Vintage curated a home decor pop up shop and shared his insider tips on decorating with thrift store treasures. Megan Evans of AS SEEN ON M.E. staged a collection of clothing and accessories at our Jordan Creek location AND shared her fashion styling tips and thrifting best practices for ensuring you make the most of each visit to Goodwill.

If you weren’t able to attend, don’t fret, Megan and Tyler each agreed to give us the low down on all their secret tips and tricks. Read on for sage thrifting knowledge and insight!


“Pulling together my pop up collection for Goodwill was such a fun challenge! I hope everyone enjoyed shopping it as much as I did putting it together. Honestly, I sourced all of the inventory from about three stores in very little time. I was surprised by how many vintage treasures I came across. On my nights and weekends, I curate an Etsy shop and Instagram page where I sell my vintage finds, many of which are sourced from Goodwill.

In my own home, I do buy some furniture and décor from traditional retailers, but Goodwill is really where I find the things that truly stand out. My aesthetic is mid-century modern, but I when I’m thrifting, I see gorgeous furniture and accessories that would fit any style, be it traditional, glam, minimalist, etc. 

I think the most valuable tip to keep in mind while shopping for your home is to buy what you love….to an extent. Keep a list of what you need on hand so you don’t end up items you can’t use. I also tend to follow the same route each time I visit a store, furniture first, glassware, artwork and if I have time I’ll check out the textiles. Depending on what your needs are,  I recommend a strategy so you don’t end up wandering aimlessly.  Keep an open mind when you’re thrifting, you can really afford to take some risks.”  – Tyler Wentworth


“I am an avid thrifter for so many reasons. I find that vintage pieces are more well-made than mass produced items sold at traditional retailers, quality standards used to be much higher!

I try to avoid fast fashion when I can because it not only affects the environment through industrial waste and adding to landfills, but there are also many controversies surrounding environmental conditions and wages for workers in the textile industry. And of course, you really can’t beat thrift store prices!

Following trends that don’t work for your lifestyle, body type or personality just doesn’t make sense. Social media is a great place to look for inspiration, if you are into a minimalist 90s look, there are entire Instagram pages dedicated to that ascetic. Personally, I don’t limit myself to any narrow definition of my ‘look’, but there are a few key pieces that I tend to gravitate towards, great outerwear, structured blazers and bright colors. I am endlessly inspired by different eras of fashion, certain designers and of course, my very stylish friends!

I like to keep a list of things I’m looking for (either for myself or my online shop), but doesn’t always mean that my list consists of things like ‘shirts, coats, dresses.’  It can be more conceptual, I’ll keep an eye out for a specific color for example, or for a certain silhouette.  When you approach thrifting this way, you open yourself up to more possibilities. 

I was thrilled to meet Amy, pictured here at our event.

Amy saw the event on Facebook and wanted to come get some styling tips and a new outfit. She had a special event, her husband is a mechanic and they had a more formal awards dinner, so she came to get #StyledByGoodwill for her special evening! Helping her create a look for a special occasion was a true thrill and honor for me. I am hosting another event coming up on June 1, be sure to stop in for vintage and thrifted goodies.”  – Megan Evans

Hopefully you are inspired to get out and do some thrifting this weekend! Stay tuned for more #StyledByGoodwill events in the future.

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