#StyledByGoodwill: DIY Tailgate Fashion

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The big game is just around the corner! If you are looking for some last-minute fashion inspiration, check out these tips for turning a regular t-shirt into a cute, customized top. Supplies needed: T-shirt, scissors, pencil, ruler or straight edge.

Cute & Cropped


  1. Try your shirt on and mark your desired length with a pencil. (It’s better to start on the longer side – you can always make it shorter!)
  2. Use a ruler or other straight edge to draw a line across the shirt.
  3. Use sharp scissors to cut on the line you drew.
  4. Cuff your sleeves twice and, voila – adorable!

*Pro Tip: We think this style works best with an oversized t-shirt!

All Tied Up


  1. Cut the collar and sleeves off your shirt. Be sure to cut the seams completely off, but follow them closely as you cut.
  2. Try the shirt on and mark where you want your knot to be at the end – ours is approximately 6″ from the bottom hem.
  3. Measure to the same spot on the back of the t-shirt and draw a line across the back – DO NOT mark this line on the front of your shirt.
  4. Cut across the line you marked on the back, but do not cut the front. Cutdown the sides of the shirt, and discard or recycle the rectangle of fabric that you just cut off the back of the shirt.
  5. Cut the bottom hem off the front of your shirt, and cut straight up the middle to the mark you made for the knot.
  6. Cut diagonally from the bottom of that center cut to each side seam. You will end up cutting out two triangles of fabric after making these cuts.
  7. Put on your shirt and tie the little tails into a knot!

Cold Shoulder


  1. With a pencil, mark a semi-circle on the left shoulder on the front side of the shirt. We recommend spacing your cold shoulder hole at least 1 inch from the neckline of the shirt.
  2. Mark this semi-circle on the back side of the left shoulder.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the right shoulder.
  4. Cut out the semi-circles.
  5. Cut the bottom hem and tie your shirt at the side if you choose!

DIY Workshop Event

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Ames store this Wednesday for our DIY Tailgate Top Workshop! We had these DIY instructions available, and we had racks FULL of Cyclone and Hawkeye gear for fans to stock up on.

Share your Goodwill game day outfits with us on social media by tagging Goodwill of Central Iowa and using #StyledByGoodwill!

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