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The employees of our Styled By Goodwill boutique store are, you guessed it, stylish ones, each with their own unique sense of personal style, all with a passion for thrifting. They also don’t shy away from a challenge so when we asked them to compose an outfit from the shop that exemplifies their personal fashion sense, they were all over it. We added one small caveat: a $25 limit. Here is what they came up with!


One of my current style inspirations is Harry Styles, who often combines floral prints with simple, classic silhouettes. I incorporate those influences into my everyday style by picking one unique vintage piece and keeping the rest of my outfit simple to allow that piece to shine.

For this outfit, my simple pieces are these thick, perfectly-tapered vintage jeans and my own hat and sneakers. I snagged this amazing floral shirt at Styled a couple weeks ago and it’s definitely the statement piece in this outfit.

The next time you’re tempted to pass by an amazing printed vintage top because you’re not sure how to pull it off, try finding a simple pant to go with it. You might surprise yourself by how well you can rock this style and channel your inner British pop star!

Total: $21.00


I’ll start by saying, I know it’s optimistic to style sandals, but warmer days are coming and I can’t wait! My day to day style is trendy yet comfortable, making this my ideal outfit; basics that are slightly elevated.

The knot detail of this grey top makes it a little more interesting and the shape of the sandals is simple, but the bright blue adds a color pop! Add a blazer to this look for a perfect day to night look.  

  • Jeans: $11.50, Styled
  • Sandals: $7.50, Styled
  • Top: $5.63 (Snagged during a 25% off sale at our Styled by Goodwill pop up shop in Valley Junction during the holiday season)

Total: $24.63


I have a problem when it comes to floral patterns. Wherever I see it, I need it. That’s precisely why I chose this beautiful vintage button-up shirt as the main focus for this outfit.

I paired it with these tan, vintage high waist corduroy pants from Gap. I’d style these pieces with a half-tuck and some chunky black boots; definitely a look to wear during a night out with some friends!

Total: $17.00


To be efficient in the morning, there are certain outfit formulas I tend to stick to when getting dressed. Dresses top that list because they are so easy (a top and bottom in one!).

Even though this one is short sleeve, I’ve been wearing it all winter with tights and boots; I love the silhouette and polka dots are still a thing, right? This green blazer is probably in my Top Five all-time best Goodwill finds. It’s vintage Christian Dior and I adore it. I was thrilled when I found these boots, they are the perfect cold weather footwear!

Total: $24.69

Four looks with varying visions, all under $25, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re on a budget.

The Styled by Goodwill staff loves to offer feedback and advice, they’d love to hear your style related ideas and questions, send them an email, or better yet, stop in to the shop!

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