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Five eager participants from our Day Services Program joined the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council and Iowans with Disabilities in Action for Advocating for Change Day on April 10.

Upon their first sight of the golden dome’s interior, the participants’ jaws dropped in awe of its beauty.

Day Services participants view the interior of the Rotunda.

“It was really fun. All the pictures, all the signs. My eyes were like pop!” said Crystal, who was part of Goodwill of Central Iowa’s group.

The participants viewed the Iowa House of Representatives from the gallery, interacted with other visiting groups and left notes for their Representatives voicing their concerns about the Medicare system.

“I want to speak out for my own voice and my own ways, so people can hear me and listen,” shared Crystal.

A Day Services participant poses with her state representative.
Amanda meeting with her legislator, Representative Rick Olson

Trips like these give legislators exposure to a group that they might not normally see at the Statehouse. It also offers a clear understanding of who their decisions are impacting.

In addition, the mission of this trip was for participants to gain an awareness around politics, political issues and how they affect them.

Participants from Day Services poses in the Capitol's rotunda.

“Their lives are largely determined by legislators and people in the Statehouse,” said Goodwill of Central Iowa Lead Life Instructor Sean Abramowitz. “The political system that surrounds them dictates their funding and their lives. If they can gain insight into that, they’ll better understand why things happen the way they do and have a better grasp of their lives.”

Crystal poses with Pella's Tulip Court.

Our Day Services Program is a participant-driven program that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness. The program is designed to develop, maintain and increase or maximize independence. To learn more, visit here.

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