Local sourcing with Goodwill: Good for business and the community!

By Nathan Erwin, Intoxalock – VP of Supply Chain and Operations

Did you know that Goodwill of Central Iowa offers Iowa businesses complete operations and production support through their training programs?

At Intoxalock, we have partnered with Goodwill through their workforce training programs for kit assembly of our installation packages for the past 7 years. Our partnership has continued to grow as Goodwill has introduced more trainees and training programs with wider scope in their Johnston facilities.

Kit Assembly

So how does our partnership with Goodwill work? We provide the step by step directions with kit assembly, all of the materials need for picking and packing the kits, and Goodwill picks up materials from our location in Urbandale, and then delivers the completed kits back to our facilities.

On their end, Goodwill trains participants in their career and skills programs for various jobs so that they can get a wide range of hands-on experience – including the tasks for our kit assembly. Over the 7 years that we have partnered with Goodwill as a local source of production, we have helped over 35 people gain on-the-job training.

The Value of the Partnership

There are several reasons we find our partnership with Goodwill to be incredibly valuable. The first is that with Iowa’s current low unemployment rates, the trainees in these programs are a great workforce resource. It would be difficult for us to fill these positions through our company with the shortage of available workers in the greater Des Moines area.

We also value the opportunity for these tasks to occur in Goodwill’s spacious industrial warehouse. Storing supplies and finding floor space for these kit assembly tasks in our building would take away space from our other in-house tasks.

The cost to us to hire Goodwill through the training program is competitive or even slightly lower than if we were to search for another company to source these tasks with. Additionally, since Goodwill is local and just down the street from our corporate location, transportation and delivery costs are minimized.

ISO Certification

At Intoxalock, we evaluate each of the external vendors we work with to ensure they meet our standards. Part of that evaluation includes ISO certification and Goodwill is ISO9001:2015 certified! ISO 9001 is a set of international standards that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. 

Having this ISO certification is important because it ensures that an organization clearly understands its customers and their needs. It provides a framework for ensuring quality products and services, improved communications, reliable scheduling and delivery, and most importantly, up to date standards and annual assessments to evaluate and improve the processes.

For the products we produce at Intoxalock, a vendor or partner having an ISO certification is a key selection criteria.  It’s in line with our commitment of a high quality product to the states we serve and customers we help.  There is a trust we have with Goodwill that is based on many years of partnership as well as their commitment to providing the highest quality services, with them hitting a 100% on-time delivery rate with no defects in 2019. 

Goodwill’s consistency and reliability have made them a critical component of our success story and can be a valuable part of any business looking for a similar type of partner. Intoxalock is proud to partner with Goodwill of Central Iowa. We encourage other businesses to support these programs and help build up our Iowa workforce.  

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