Business Spotlight: Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce

Goodwill of Central Iowa recently launched a new partnership with Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, a Central Iowa based company with an international presence.

Goodwill of Central Iowa partners with over 100 local businesses, in a variety of different ways, and is excited about the new partnership with Lola’s.

“The energy the Lola’s team brings to the table is great. They believe in our mission and believe in supporting our community,” Eric Prosperi, Goodwill of Central Iowa Director of Commercial Services said.

Contract Services and Skills Training

One of the most exciting ways companies can partner with Goodwill of Central Iowa is through the contract services offered in the Warehouse and Logistics Training Program. In this mutually beneficial partnership, Goodwill of Central Iowa takes outsourced work from businesses and turns it into paid training for people coming through Goodwill’s employment programs.

Lola’s saw an opportunity to support Goodwill by outsourcing the assembly of their cardboard hot sauce caddies that will be placed in restaurants. To increase efficiency of assembly, the Goodwill warehouse leadership team created a simple wood frame that helps job trainees efficiently complete the job.

“Community is everything to us. We believe in everything Goodwill does and we were so excited when we found a way to more actively show our support. We are also getting some really important projects completed. It’s a win-win,” Taufeek Shah, owner of Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce said.

When companies outsource light assembly projects to Goodwill, the support they provide is multi-layered. First, they help provide job training opportunities to individuals facing barriers to employment. All Goodwill of Central Iowa job training programs provide PAID hands-on training so participants can help support themselves and their families while obtaining skills that will set them up for success.

In addition to directly providing training opportunities, revenue received from contract services goes directly back to fund Goodwill of Central Iowa’s mission of providing purpose through the power of work. In short, the revenue supports the job training programs available to Central Iowans.

Lastly, companies experience the often cost-savings benefit of being able to outsource a high-turnover task that often distracts core employees from focusing on strategic initiatives that move the business goals forward.

Lola’s took the partnership one step further and pledged to donate 5% of all retail sales for a two-week period directly back to Goodwill of Central Iowa.

Growing the partnership

As the Goodwill of Central Iowa team talked with the Lola’s team, so many different partnership ideas rose to the surface of the conversation and we look forward to growing the relationship. We are inspired by the support companies like Lola’s shows. Without our business community, we wouldn’t have the impact we do in Central Iowa.

Goodwill of Central Iowa placed over 500 people in employment this year. Without our business partners, that number would be 0.

To learn more about the different ways you can support Goodwill of Central, both as an individual and as a business, contact us today!  

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