Curiosity That Led To Irresistible Opportunity

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The 2006 announcement of the Maytag Headquarters and Factory shutting down its Newton operation left the town and its people devastated. The loss of a community cornerstone led to many turbulent years as the people and the town faced both economic and financial distress. Will Hurbert was one of many who lost their job the day the factory closed its doors for the last time. Will’s story doesn’t end there, though.

Persistence Leads To Opportunity

In the following years, Will found work where he could. “I worked a lot of minimum wage jobs here and there,” said Will. “The jobs weren’t always consistent, but it was enough to make ends meet.”

In 2018, Will started visiting Goodwill of Central Iowa’s Newton Career Connection Center. Mary Beth Lawson, Lead Career Connector, had helped a family member of Will’s design a resume and secure a job. Following their experience, they referred Will to the Career Connection Center.

Will quickly became a regular in the Connection Center. Curious about what jobs were available, he would read their job board and stay in contact with the Goodwill team.

In May of 2019, Will visited the Career Connection Center actively looking for work.

“Will made his job search a full-time job while he was looking and enlisted the assistance of Rachel and myself to help design a resume for him to better assist him in getting where he needed to be,” explained Career Connector, Joelly Scheff.

Being a regular in the Connection Center, Will was encouraged by staff to utilize other resources available. Career Connector, Rachel Colburn, was persistent in her efforts to persuade Will to build a resume.

“One day, Rachel handed me a resume packet and didn’t give me an option to say no,” said Will. “She told me that she was making me a resume and I needed to fill out the forms.”

Being in and out of factories and working multiple kinds of jobs, Will had an array of skills and experience. Building a resume to highlight all that he had done, Will believes that he was given a strong foundation and a direction to pursue when looking for work. 

“Getting help with my resume helped me organize my past jobs,” Will explained. “Working so many different jobs, there were some vacancies that needed to be filled for my resume to be presentable.”

While searching for work, Will attended a hiring fair hosted by the Career Connection Center. With his resume in hand, Will interviewed and left with the encouraging note of “you will be hearing from us.” With the passing of time and no response, Will took matters into his own hands.

Opportunity Leads to Action

Having worked in various factories before, Will had always heard good things about working for Vermeer. Given the positivity that surrounded the company name, Will sent in his application.

“I jumped the gun applying at Vermeer,” said Will. “The same day Vermeer called me to set up an interview, the company from the hiring fair contacted me with a job offer.” By the end of the day, Will had an interview and two job offers on the table.

When evaluating his options of employment, Will was very impressed with Vermeer. “They had great follow-up communication with me during the interview process and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” said Will.

Will has now been employed with Vermeer for seven months. Working as a material handler, Will works on the paint line to hang up and take down equipment parts.

“He was so proud,” said Joelly. “Right after he started working, he sent a picture to us sporting his new Vermeer gear.”

Even after being employed with Vermeer, Will stays in touch with the Connection Center. “Now, I’m sending people there,” said Will. “If they need help with resumes, interviews, applications, digital literacy I send them there because that’s what Goodwill does.”

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