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It’s difficult to believe 2022 has already come to an end. Where does the time go?

Between work, school, appointments, events and catching up on our favorite shows – it’s no wonder the nooks and crannies of our homes become catch-all’s.

If you’re ready to rid your space of excess “stuff” in 2023, but don’t have a lot of spare time to sit and sort, don’t worry! We’ll help you cut the clutter in just a few simple steps!


STEP 1: Find A Box

That’s right. Step 1 is super simple. Grab an empty box from the depths of your storage room and let’s get started!

STEP 2: Put The Box In Your Closet

We know. This is sounding too easy, right? Stick with us!

STEP 3: Start Filling The Box

“Oh, I’ll wear this eventually.” Let’s face it; you probably won’t. Whenever you are hunting through your closet for something to wear and you come across a piece that no longer speaks to you – add it to the box!

Or, maybe you are trying on a shirt you used to wear a lot, but now it doesn’t fit the same. It’s O.K. Just add it to the box.

Remember that knitting phase your bestie went through a few years back? Yeah, you do. It was a nice thought but no one needs 9 knitted hats. Toss a few of those bespoke beauties in the box.

STEP 4: Repeat

Allow the box to remain in your closet and continue repeating this process. This helps, little by little, detach from the unused pieces of clothing hanging in your closet taking up unnecessary space!

STEP 5: Donate It!

Now that your box is filled with clothing you no longer need, load it up and head to your local Goodwill. Your once-loved items will get the opportunity to be enjoyed again!

And your donation will help support our mission of making purposeful employment possible for all people in Central Iowa. Learn how we are strengthening skills and building confidence here.


This concept can be easily implemented in other areas of your home as well!

Does your garage need a little sprucing up? It could be time to say goodbye to that old sports equipment that your family hasn’t used in years.

Or maybe your kitchen is due for a makeover? Give your current kitchen towels, dish sets, and utensils a kiss goodbye, and send them to the box!

At Goodwill of Central Iowa, we are happy to take those items off your hands and give them new life. This helps our communities divert excess waste from local landfills, gives others the opportunity to find great items at even better prices in our retail locations, and helps support our mission of making purposeful employment possible for all people in Central Iowa!

Curious about some of the items you have in your box and whether they can be donated to Goodwill? Check out this list of items we can and cannot accept!

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