Managing Different Abilities: Teresa’s Goodwill Story

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As the Marshalltown Store Manager, Teresa lives out our mission every single day by managing those with barriers to employment. At Goodwill of Central Iowa, we pride ourselves in living out our mission first and foremost within our own organization. By hiring individuals with barriers to employment, we’re not only providing them with income, but a support system who believes in their abilities. 

Of her daily duties to support her team members, Teresa shares, “Every day is different, but mostly it is going and checking on staff and stations to see how they are and make sure things are running smoothly.”

After working at the Marshalltown location for the past 22 years, Teresa has the experience to effectively manage staff of different abilities while maintaining an efficient store. During her time with Goodwill, Teresa has advanced from being a part-time store clerk to full-time and worked her way into management. Throughout all this time, she has remained committed to carrying out Goodwill’s mission and those she serves.

In fact, when asked why she enjoys her job, she shared, “I enjoy many things about working for Goodwill. First off – the people we serve. It is such a great feeling to see how they advance when they are at Goodwill. I enjoy my co-workers and being part of a great team. I also like meeting the customers and helping them find items they are looking for and giving them information about our mission and where the money goes that we make in our stores.” 

Teresa is able to easily share Goodwill of Central Iowa’s mission because she partakes in it. Each retail store aims to hire those with and without barriers to employment and Marshalltown is no exception. She shares her experience managing those with different abilities. 

“I have to be flexible and use many different ways to teach and train people. Some are hands on, some like to watch videos, and some would rather read and do the job on their own. This means that each day is different and all tasks are different from day to day. I’ve learned that each and everyone one of us have different abilities, and have our own areas of strengths. We can teach different aspects and overcome challenges.” 

We are proud of how Teresa happily lives out our mission. Next time you visit our Marshalltown location, be sure to congratulate her on 22 years of serving her community!

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