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Job searching can be tough. Using the right job boards can make it easier. From using the job board that aligns with the type of job you’re seeking to checking back frequently, it’s important to put the effort into the application process. We’ve outlined a few of the top job boards below and when each should be used.


The Indeed job board is the most versatile. Jobs posted on this board range from entry-level positions to upper management in a corporate setting. Indeed is a great resource to check for new jobs, which allows you to sort by location, salary, type of employment, and more. 

Indeed also offers an “Easy apply” option that lets you save your resume and application details to easily send them off to select employers.


Acting as a social network, LinkedIn is a great platform for networking and finding corporate jobs. In fact, using this social network to land a job grants you a major competitive advantage with referred applicants’ likelihood of getting a job offer at 15 times that of other applicants.

If you see a job opening you like on LinkedIn, check your network and the list of employees who currently are employed by them to see if there are any common connections!


Not only is Glassdoor a job board, but it aggregates company information that’s beneficial to job seekers such as real reviews from employees, salary information, and reviews of management. These are all information factors to consider when applying for a job. 

Jobs can be directly posted to Glassdoor but are also aggregated from other job sites, making it a good representation of available jobs in each area! For this reason, Glassdoor offers a variety of jobs ranging in experience needed and industry.

Similar to Indeed, Glassdoor also offers an “Easy apply” option to job seekers who create a profile with them. If you utilize this feature, be sure you continue to create a custom cover letter for each business that asks for one!

Industry Specific Job Boards

If you’re looking for a specific industry or position, it can be beneficial to explore niche job boards. These include resources for government jobs, restaurant jobs, non-profit companies and more. We’ve linked a few below for reference.

Government Jobs
Non-Profit Jobs

Startup Jobs

Restaurant Jobs

As you continue your job search, keep in mind that it’s important to find a position with a company whose values align with your own and will be a good fit for you!

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