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At Goodwill of Central Iowa, your projects help us change lives. Our trainees are available for outsource business services of all kind including mailings, packaging, light assembly, salvage, recycling and even janitorial services.

When you partner with Goodwill, you receive timely, quality-controlled work supervised by experienced managers and more than that—you share in our mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with barriers to employment. These projects provide our skills training participants the chance to experience real-world experience in environments similar to future employment opportunities.

Committed To Customer Satisfaction

Goodwill of Central Iowa’s business services are available across various industries and projects. We take pride in efficient work that fits your budget and timelines.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified non-profit, Goodwill of Central Iowa has demonstrated our commitment to providing superior customer service and the highest standard of quality assurance. Goodwill of Central Iowa is committed to meeting all the requirements for our quality management system to ensure continuous improvement, exceed the needs of our customers and deliver quality products and services on-time.

In order to aid you in the decision-making process, all costs are known before work begins, and turnaround time is generally one week or less.

We provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of customers and projects including:

  • Light Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Janitorial Services
  • Packaging
  • Commercial eWaste Recycling
  • Local Salvage & Recycling


“The people at Goodwill are great to work with. Utilizing their services allow us to maximize our manufacturing productivity and our machine utilization, metrics that directly affect our company’s profitability. Knowing that Goodwill is giving large numbers of people usable skills and experience they can take with them is a great benefit to our community.”
– Matt Dickinson, Techniplas

“We turned to Goodwill not only for their great service, but because we find value as a company in knowing that our contracts are being fulfilled while supplying training opportunities to individuals with barriers in order to gain skills needed for independence.”
– Michael Matthews, Scholastic


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