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Goodwill of Central Iowa (GCI) is experiencing record growth in their Warehouse, Packing and Logistics Skills Training Program and they are in need of outsourced work from the business community to provide paid training opportunities for the program participants.

Warehouse Business Solutions

Kitting Services and Mailings

By outsourcing repetitive kitting and mail packing services to Goodwill, businesses can better utilize their internal resources. Simple kitting and mailing projects help entry-level program participants or those facing significant barriers the opportunity to earn money and gain job experience by working on repetitive projects. With a strong oversight from Goodwill’s quality assurance team, projects are checked for accuracy to provide the best training opportunity and end delivery.

Goodwill completes simple mailing prep and tradeshow folder packing with company collateral for Insta-Pro and The Iowa Association of Business and Industry. A long-standing kitting project GCI completes on a daily basis is for Intoxalock. Program participants compile install packs of materials that the company ships to installers across the country. Similarly, Goodwill puts together the condiment packs for In The Bag catering.

“Intoxalock has been partnering with Goodwill for over 7 years. The benefit of outsourcing with Goodwill is it allows our internal resources to focus on more technical tasks. We can give them standard work and job aides and the work they perform comes back exactly as we would expect it,” Nate Irwin, Intoxalock VP of Operations said.

Assembly Services

Goodwill offers light assembly services for local businesses. By outsourcing assembly projects, businesses are able to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Goodwill has a diverse portfolio of assembly projects. Working for Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, the team assembles boxes and cardboard restaurant caddies. Another assembly project that GCI completes is for Wurth Bolt. Goodwill job trainees apply thread locking adhesive to quick links to meet a specification for their customer.

Quality control

As the newest business service offered by Goodwill of Central Iowa, quality control projects are 100% supervised and checked by the on-site Quality Assurance team. By outsourcing quality control projects to Goodwill, you’ll receive quick turnaround and the most comprehensive collection of your usable products. Using your directions and procedures, our team will go through and review materials to make sure they meet your quality standards.

Quality control teaches job trainees the importance in paying attention to detail, giving your project an individual who has a micro-focus on quality.

Fulfillment Services

Goodwill of Central Iowa’s e-commerce department ships over 400 items a day. Goodwill is also the supply chain partner for Lola’s Hot Sauce, housing and shipping all orders in the Midwest.

GCI offers a streamlined and full-service warehousing and fulfillment process.  Goodwill’s 100,000 square foot warehouse can hold product inventory on a large scale. Trainees provide labor to assemble, pick and pack orders.  Companies can choose to leverage their own shipping rates or use GCI’s to minimize shipping costs.

Goodwill of Central Iowa’s fulfillment and e-commerce pick and pack services offer advanced training opportunities that allow Goodwill’s program participants to sharpen their skills with relevant job experience.

ISO Certified Facility

Goodwill of Central Iowa is IOS 9001:15 certified. This means that Goodwill is certified by international standards for quality management. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is continually improved.

“In 2019 we had zero reported defects in our work.  Quality checks are a huge part of our training programs in the warehouse,” Doug Snyder, Goodwill of Central Iowa Production Manager said. “We check a large percentage of the completed work to make sure it goes out the door 100% correct.”

Job Training and Certifications

Participants in GCI’s Warehouse, Packaging and Logistics training program face barriers to employment in the community. Goodwill provides these individuals the opportunity to obtain paid training and hands-on experience that will give them credibility as they enter the job market. All work is completed under the supervision of Goodwill’s Quality Assurance team, allowing businesses to trust that the work will be done correctly and on time.

The barriers faced by individuals in GCI’s job training programs face vary, and can include mental and physical disabilities, homelessness, language barriers, lack of access to transportation, former incarceration, literacy barriers and more.

At the conclusion of the 7-week Warehouse, Packaging and Logistics training program, participants have the opportunity to go through the Certified Logistics Technician Certification Program. This allows them the opportunity to obtain industry-recognized certificates that give them the ability to show hiring companies what they can do as they seek employment.

Business Benefits of Working with Goodwill

Save time, money and resources by outsourcing projects and processes to Goodwill of Central Iowa’s Business Solutions team. By outsourcing kitting, packaging, light assembly, mailings and other projects to Goodwill, your internal team is able to focus on business-driving activities while your projects are completed on time in an ISO-certified facility at a low cost.

“Our business partnerships are win-win. We provide high quality, affordable services for businesses and these partnerships allow us to give paid training opportunities for people in our community facing barriers. By outsourcing projects to Goodwill, you’re creating efficiencies for your business but you’re also changing lives,” Eric Prosperi, Goodwill of Central Iowa Director of Commercial Services said.

GCI partners with over 100 businesses each year. Contact Eric.Prosperi@DMGoodwill.org to learn more about how Goodwill’s Business Solutions can help your business.

About Goodwill of Central Iowa

Goodwill of Central Iowa is a non-profit organization that uses a donated goods retail infrastructure to support programs improving the quality of life for anyone facing a barrier to employment across its 22-county region. Through industry-certified skills training programs and employment services, the organization is dedicated to inspiring all individuals to achieve independence through meaningful employment, believing that by improving lives, we improve our communities. In 2019, Goodwill of Central Iowa served 6,790 individuals through mission programming, including placing 558 in employment. In the last 10 years, Goodwill has served over 40,000 Central Iowans, with more than 5,000 placed in jobs. Learn more about Goodwill of Central Iowa through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Press Contact:
Carly Flaws
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Goodwill of Central Iowa
carly.flaws@dmgoodwill.org, 515-265-5323 ext. 330

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