11 Black Thrift Influencers to Follow on Instagram


In a world full of fast fashion trends, these thrift influencers fight to slow down fashion while serving up major style. Each Black thrifter we feature has their own unique style and look to help raise others up. Check out their Instagram accounts for your daily dose of inspiration!

#1 @WasteFreeMarie
Marie is a thrifter committed to sustainability and using her platform to educate others about the Black Lives Matter movement. Plus, check out our recent feature on why shopping secondhand is a priority for her.

#2 @pinkvintagehrt
Leigh is a vintage fashionista that chooses to shop secondhand to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Her bold outfits and unique style is so fun to follow!

#3 @ash_slay__
Ash is a stylish thrifter that is in-tune with the latest trends. Plus, she adds her own flair to outfits to make them pop!

#4 @aaricanichole
Aarica is a thrifter with major style and talent. She utilizes her skills to upcycle thrifted finds into unique pieces!

#5 @thefashionchase
Shana is a stylist determined to help other women break out of their comfort zones and define their personal style. She pushes the drab office attire aside and creates outfits that flatter while conforming to dress codes.

#6 @thebrunchbeat
Mia and Jessica run this awesome account and are dedicated thrifters who show off their styled looked to inspire others. Plus, they always seem to find the perfect backdrop to make their outfits pop!

#7 @_nattiestyle
Nattie is a fashion blogger and interior stylist who is dedicated to making people and places look great while on a budget. Her feed is full of classic styles with pops of color!

#8 @colorfullythriftedg
Paula has been an avid thrifter for six years and is a lover of colorful clothing! She shares her passion with others by inspiring them to push their style limits and uses her platform to advocate for secondhand clothing!

#9 @cappuccionsandconsignment
Jessie is a fashion stylist and features high-end looks from secondhand finds. Plus, she shares her knowledge and tips with others through her blog!

#10 @msstyleisshe
NeShante is a fashionista with major style and an amazing shoe collection (check out her page to see!). Plus, she uses her platform to challenge people to look beyond designer labels and choose pieces that make a statement!

#11 @policyandfashion
Tiffany is a style influencer that loves bold prints and color! She is also dedicated to helping other women feel powerful in the workplace.

If you have recommendations for who we should feature next, DM us on Instagram @DMGoodwill!

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