Ben’s ShopGoodwill Picks: Nixing Fast Fashion


Hello again! Hard to believe it’s already been a week since our last installment. Admittedly I am not a terribly fashionable person, clothing and accessories just don’t occur to me to purchase. (Unlike Books, Magic the Gathering Cards, Vintage Cookware, Food in general…) When I do go shopping, my first thought is to see what I can find used. In fact, the shirt and pants I’m wearing today are both Goodwill finds. The fashion industry has a tremendous environmental impact, from the manufacturing to the shipping, not to mention the waste…  Goodwill has been saving clothing from the landfill for years, so I am glad to see that recycling/upcycling/reselling is starting to take hold in a lot of people’s minds.  It’s great to see how many people have started curating their own online clothing and craft shops utilizing Etsy, Shopify, Depop, etc. and Shopgoodwill.com is adapting as well. For the past several years, fashion and apparel has been the fastest growing segment on the website and Goodwill of Central Iowa is following that trend. 

I think you can figure out what we are going to be looking at this week!

Check out this nice Osprey Messenger Bag, floral motif and great color. Perfect for plenty of situations.

For the awesome creative kiddo in your life, we have these awesome Size 2 Doc Martens with a Floral Skull motif! Is it edgy? Maybe! I had to decorate my Chuck Taylors myself back in the day so I think I have some jealousy for how cool these look without having to use sharpies and nail polish. Quick aside: In 9th grade I hot glued pennies to the bottom of my Converse low-tops. They were heavy, loud, and extremely dangerous on polished concrete! 11/10 would not recommend. 

What’s next? How about matching footwear with that great kid who got the Doc Martens? These are size seven Vans with their signature authentic Hawaiian print. Again, I think these are pretty rad. 

You may not want it now but I can guarantee you’ll want it when it finally starts to cool down outside. This XL Women’s Brooklyn Cloth Sweater is new with tag and comes in a great smoky merlot color. It is so soft too. Pull it out for the first fall bonfire and you will not be disappointed.

Lastly, one of our listing employees put together this great summer outfit from Ann Taylor, featuring a cute ¾ Sleeve Pink Top and Hampton fit pants! Perfect for the patio time we are all getting in. (Well, when it’s not meltingly hot. We do live in Iowa though so it’s not unexpected.)


Thrifted clothing doesn’t have to mean low-quality, as you can see! Between our online auctions and the wealth of clothing at our stores, I wish you happy hunting for the next addition to your style. 

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week.  

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