Ben’s ShopGoodwill Picks: Oddities Edition


Welcome to the second installment of our ShopGoodwill Picks of the Week! Last week we found lots of ways to keep yourself occupied inside and outdoors, from gardening to the Beatles. This week, I thought I would see what sort of oddities or curiosities we have online. Without further ado…

How about 35 Cast Iron Pencil Sharpeners? Want one that is shaped like a horse? We got you. Piano? Sure no problem. Mack Truck, Tabletop Fan… the EARTH. All are covered. Without looking too closely, I am pretty sure that there are a couple in here that may retain some value even outside of the lot. We’ll see!

Shop Pencil Sharpeners

Another fun item currently up for auction and as niche as I’ve seen in a long time… It’s a Piano Pedal extender! It sits on top of the pedals and lets you practice even if your feet don’t quite normally reach. Perfect for the young virtuoso that I’m sure I would have been if I had had this. Well, and a piano. Ok I’ll come clean; I played the trombone for about 38 minutes in the first grade but that’s about it. It was definitely noise…

Shop the Piano Extender

What else, what else… we currently have over 1000 items up for auction so there’s a lot to sift through! New items appear Monday through Friday, so there’s always more to look at. Here’s an item for the nightstand of a log cabin, or side table in basement rec room… (Do people call them that any more? Are we only calling them Man Caves? I need answers.) It’s a Heineken Keg Lamp with a Cork Shade! Doesn’t come with the beer but it will help you find one in the dark at least.

Shop the Heineken Keg Lamp

So this thing plays all sorts of music using a little disc. We listened to Beethoven’s Symphony #9 for a bit. Not quite the same as a full orchestra but charming nonetheless. It’s a Mr. Christmas Musical Bell Symphonium! Very charming.

Shop the Musical Bell Symphonium

I’m not saying I saved the best for last but I saved the best for last so I guess I am saying that. This last one definitely brought work to a halt for a moment as we all had to take a moment… Baby Shark. You read that correctly.

Glad they labeled it. This is a local pickup only item, as we do not ship sharks in formaldehyde for obvious reasons.

Lastly, if you search Purse and filter by our location (because not all of you are into the frankly strange stuff that we see), you’ll see lots of authenticated Coach Purses, some Brahmins, and Kate Spades too! Happy auctioneering and we’ll see you next week.

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