Halloween Inspiration: The Office

If you also struggle determining what’s appropriate to wear to your workplace’s Halloween party, look no further. “Dressing up” as a character from The Office requires little effort and if only two other people in your workplace choose to celebrate the holiday you won’t look out of place. Whether you choose to go as a character alone or convince your favorite co-workers to do a group costume, these outfits are simple and can be reused throughout the year.

The items shown below are all thrifted from Goodwill of Central Iowa retail stores. These clothing items and accessories are budget-friendly and can easily be reused and worn throughout the year!

Pam Beasley

The favorite office receptionist, Pam Beasley’s friendly face is sure to please at any Halloween party. Throw on a pink cardigan, button-up shirt, a plain khaki shirt, and comfortable tennis shoes and you are set.

Total outfit cost: $18


Jim Halpert

While you may not have a real-life office romance, you can take on Jim Halpert’s confidence for the day in an easy costume. A light blue button-up, khaki pants, and big grin gives you the perfect look-alike outfit. Since Jim’s outfit isn’t too far from the norm, we recommend sticking on a name tag, “Hello My Name is Jim” and always sticking your hands in your pockets.

Looking to take it a step further? Impersonate Jim’s Halloween costume as “3-Hole Punch Jim”. This simply requires a white button down shirt, a black tie, and three black circles to stick on the left side of the shirt.

Total outfit cost: $12


Dwight Shrute

While you may not have grown up on a beet farm, you can daydream about beets while in character as the quirky Dwight Shrute. Complete with oversized glasses, a yellow button-up, and a non-descript tie, this look is easy to nail! 

Bonus: This character outfit is perfect for a Zoom party as it’s most recognizable from the yellow shirt and glasses.

Total outfit cost: $12

Are you planning to dress up as a character from The Office? Share your secondhand scores with us on Facebook and Instagram – @DMGoodwill and #HalloweenAtHome.

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