Harry Potter Halloween Costumes


While students may not be walking through the halls of Hogwarts this year, your family can recreate the beloved school at your own home with an at-home Halloween party complete with dangling lanterns. If you’re hosting a small party this year with your closest friends, bring on the butterbeer and wizarding costumes! 

The items shown below are all thrifted from Goodwill of Central Iowa retail stores. These clothing items and accessories are budget-friendly and can easily be reused and worn throughout the year!

Harry Potter

Put on your round glasses and take out your wand! To dress up as Harry Potter is a big role to take on. Luckily, the outfit is pretty simple with a pair of black pants, white button-up shirt, and maroon tie. Plus, you can easily use makeup to draw the lightening scar on your forehead!

This look is perfect for translating well on Zoom due to its iconic nature.

Total outfit cost: $16


Ron Weasley

The first step to pulling off the Ron Weasley look is slightly disheveled hair and a major fear of spiders. Ron’s outfit is simple enough to pull off and reuse year round. A pair of black pants, a white button-up shirt, a maroon tie, and a black or grey pullover sweater.

Total outfit cost: $18


Hermoine Granger

If your favorite line from the Harry Potter series is repeating ‘Leviosaaa’ a million times, chances are you’re the perfect fit to be Hermonine Granger this Halloween. This smart and talented leading gal is often seen in a black skirt, white button up shirt, and a grey cardigan. Mimic her look this year with items you can wear year round when mix-and-matched with your wardrobe!

Total outfit cost: $14


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