Spotlight on Anna: Secondhand Supporter

This week we are introduction secondhand supporter Anna. She is a longtime friend of Goodwill as she continuously shares her love for thrifted finds on Instagram and isn’t afraid to say, “Thanks! I got it at Goodwill.” Dive into her story and thrifting insights!

Q: What sparked your interest in thrifting?
I’ve had three different stages of thrifting. My mom was the first person to start my interest. When I was younger, we would shop there for Halloween costumes. When I graduated from college and was starting a part-time job where I needed black clothes specifically, she inspired my love of thrifting again. I stocked a whole wardrobe with great brands for such a small amount of money. And I still wear most of them to this day. Then finally, I was reinspired by thrifters on Instagram who use thrifting as a way to find unique pieces and lessen their carbon footprint. 

Q:  What was your first impression of thrifting?
Before I started thrifting, I just didn’t realize all the benefits of shopping second hand. Then once I finally made going through the isles my primary shopping routine, I saw immediately why other people love it. You save so much money, have a constantly refreshing inventory to pick from, lessen your impact on the environment and find treasures that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Q: Why do you choose to shop secondhand?
For me, the most important reason to thrift is the environment. New items take so many more resources to produce. And with fast fashion, the world is constantly producing and discarding clothing to keep up with trends. I enjoy shopping at Goodwill of Central Iowa because it’s local, so I can browse through the racks in my own time. 

Anna shows off one of her favorite thrifted finds, which she embellished by adding hand-embroidered details!

Q: How has thrifting impacted your life?
Thrifting has given me the opportunity to build a wardrobe and home with care. It’s so different to find something special in the racks than to head to a department store and buy something anyone could have. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a compliment on your outfit and having the opportunity to say, “Thanks, I got it at Goodwill.” 

Q: What do you wish others knew about the thrifting experience?
I wish people knew how big of a difference they can make for the planet and for their wallets while still finding clothes and home goods that they love. Previously loved items are often just as nice or nicer than what you can get at other stores. It just takes a little more patience and flexibility–both of which come over time while thrifting–to find what you’re looking for. 

Q: What’s your thrift experience typically like?
A: I usually go in with a vague idea of what I want, like clothing for work, causal weekend clothes or jeans. Then I let the racks do the rest of the work. I usually work my way through all of the racks I’m interested in and let the look and feel of clothes direct me. But I also love finding something I wasn’t expecting and taking it home with me.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite item you’ve thrifted?
A: I have two all-time favorites. First, I found this great lavender or light purple silk blazer. It’s a little old school but it makes me feel so confident when I wear it to work. Second, I have a Lucky brand shirt that I hand-embroidered before I went to see my favorite podcast do a show in Des Moines I even got a chance to show the hosts, so it was this double moment of pride. I have this shirt that’s a nice brand that I got for a great deal, and this piece of art that I get to show off whenever I wear it.

Ready to go thrifting yourself? Find a store near you today or see what special items are on ShopGoodwill.com/DesMoines right now!

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