Spotlight on Serena: Thrift Fashionista

Thrift Enthusiast for Goodwill

Serena is often tagging Goodwill in her cutest Instagram outfits, proud to show off her secondhand style. She knows that being stylish doesn’t have to hurt the planet or her wallet, it can be accomplished with thrifted fashion. Keep reading to learn Serena’s thrifting tips and tricks.

Q: What sparked your interest in thrifting? What stage of life were you in?
A: Like most younger siblings, I always wore hand me downs and really didn’t mind it. I prefer to reuse whatever clothing comes my way! My friends and I would go thrifting just to find vintage cameras or clothing or records and things of the like. After taking global sourcing classes at Iowa State University, I realized how big of an impact we have.

Q: Why do you choose to shop secondhand?
Something as simple as recycling or reusing that old t-shirt makes a world of a difference! Cut it up and turn it into a pocket that you sew onto something else, use it as a rag for cleaning around the house, or shred it up and make stuffing out of it. The possibilities are endless and it is one less shirt in the landfills, waterways, or environment. 

Q:  How has thrifting impacted your life?
Well I certainly am never bored! I thrift for myself, friends, co-workers, family members and have found a hidden talent for finding good items haha. But in all seriousness, I feel like I am taking small steps towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Basically, I feel great!

Thrifted Fashion
Serena shows off her beloved thrift find: a golden pendant necklace that goes with everything!

Q: What do you wish others knew about the thrifting experience?
It is a marathon, not a sprint. Treat this like a 100 meter dash and you’ll burn yourself out, but take it slow and pace yourself and you’ll reap the rewards in the end. Everyone always says, the thrill is in the hunt! If you go fast, you’ll miss the best items.

Q: What’s your thrift experience typically like? 
This all depends on the day. Some days I am looking for something I saw on YouTube or Instagram and a way to recreate it. Other days I have the whole day off and thrift literally the whole day away just because I can! I like that I am helping the communities I thrift in both financially and by keeping clothes from being thrown away.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite item you’ve thrifted?
Hmm, okay now that is a hard one… alright I guess a necklace I found years ago that I wear with basically every outfit! It is a layered gold necklace that has a circle shaped locket on the topmost chain. I haven’t put a picture in it yet. I just can’t pick one picture!

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