Spotlight on Thrift Expert: Megan Evans

Megan is the owner of As Seen on M.E., a fashion company dedicated to promoting secondhand, sustainable shopping and unique style. We’re so glad she took the time to share her expertise and passion for thrifting in our recent Q&A.

Q: What sparked your interest in thrifting?
A: I think it was probably garage sale-ing in my younger years that started my love of thrifting. I also remember my dad would always stop on the street if he saw something he thought was cool (that another thought was trash!), so although I had some bratty, ‘must have new CK/Gap clothes’ stages in elementary and middle school — I did have some great role-models from a young age that taught me the value of a good thrift find!

Q: What was your first impression of thrifting?
A: I LOVED it. Like, there was nothing better than digging through a bin of things, racing to the dresses rack and snagging the best shoes (omg in a size 10, what?! yessss)!

Q: Why do you choose to shop secondhand?
A: Being able to incorporate sustainability PLUS the #PowerOfWork is why I love to shop at and support Goodwill. 

Shopping second-hand means we can feel great about our purchases because we’re helping the planet (and its people and animals). We can quit filling landfills with fast fashion, and lessen our carbon footprint by buying some fab second-hand finds.

Also, many times, especially when it comes to mass-produced items and apparel, workers’ rights and labor laws are not well monitored or enforced. We have all seen and heard the horror stories of awful working conditions, and when we continue to buy new over and over again from these companies, we’re giving them a free pass to allow this to go on. 

Finally, we can rock an outfit that no one else is wearing — or find styles everyone is — at a much cheaper price. We can feel so good about the sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly purchase made. And we are helping people with jobs and training when we shop at Goodwill! 

Q: How has thrifting impacted your life?
A: Thrifting has impacted my life in a pretty big way. I have obviously loved it for a long time, and people would always compliment my clothes but said they just can’t find things like that/put it together that way. So, it led me to finally start AS SEEN ON M.E., bridging community + politics + sustainable fashion shopping + inspo/info. I wanted to make second-hand and sustainable fashion accessible and affordable for everyone. And also be able to give back while doing it, through education and donation, which is more important now than ever before as we still face a global pandemic and demands for social and racial justice and equality. I also am lucky enough to have a few of my very best friends help with this, which makes it even better.

Q: What do you wish others knew about the thrifting experience?
A: I hear/have heard that thrifting is ‘dirty’ or ‘overwhelming’ or ‘time-consuming’ or the worst and most hurtful thing for people who are on an incredibly tight budget, ‘that it’s only for poor people.’ I want to help a) break these terrible stereotypes b) help people make a plan that works for them to shop second-hand/sustainably so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. 

Q: What’s your thrift experience typically like?

Sometimes I kid myself and say I’m only looking at _________ today. But, let’s be real, that never happens and I shop the whole store. 

Q: What’s your all-time favorite item you’ve thrifted?
A: This orange dress, you just don’t find things like this much anymore, and it was on a rack at a Goodwill! But, I also love this yellow blazer for a more casual look (clearly from Goodwill as you can see I’m in the dressing room here).

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