The One Where Costumes Were Thrifted

So no one told you life was gonna be this way…While 2020 has been a crazy year, the joy of dressing up for Halloween remains. Whether you are celebrating via Zoom or having an intimate gathering of friends, these classic characters are beloved. To get that Instagram-worthy comparison photo, we chose to mimic the opening theme song outfits for Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe so you can grab a camera and hop to your couch for the perfect picture.

The items shown below are all thrifted from Goodwill of Central Iowa retail stores. These clothing items and accessories are budget-friendly and can easily be reused and worn throughout the year!

Rachel Green

90’s Fashion has come back full force and people everywhere are rocking the Rachel Green throwback clothing and hair style! With a job at RL, she is the perfect character to bring in the fashion twist with always stylish items. Dress to impress in this Rachel approved outfit below consisting of a turtleneck top, black mini skirt, and leggings.

Approximate total outfit cost: $14


Phoebe Buffay

If you’re often caught singing Smelly Cat in the shower, chances are you’re most like Phoebe. This quirky character is the comedic relief every friend group needs. Dress comfortably in a white tee layered with a black dress and tightly curled hair to imitate Phoebe Buffay. Have a guitar? Bring that along for the full effect.

Total outfit cost: $15


Monica Geller

Always practical and precise, everyone can recognize the Monica in their friend group. If that’s you, get down to business with a pair of high waisted black jeans paired with a button up white shirt! Simple and classic. The best thing about this outfit is that these pieces can be reworn throughout the year, but paired with your favorite gal pals, it makes for a cute group costume.

Total outfit cost: $18

Are you planning to dress up as a friend from this tv show? Share your secondhand scores with us on Facebook and Instagram – @DMGoodwill and #HalloweenAtHome.

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