Declutter Your Day

It’s easy to start holding onto mismatched mugs, outgrown sweaters, and old technology. Make it your mission to help ours by decluttering your day. It’s simple. You’ll choose one item to donate throughout each step of your day.

Morning: Making Breakfast

As you open the kitchen cabinets to make yourself breakfast, what do you see? Unopened cereal boxes you’ll never eat? Multiple dish sets you don’t use? Consider putting these items to good use in your community! Every community has a local food pantry that welcomes food donations year-round. In addition, your local Goodwill would love to receive your kitchen donations. Remember, this is just step one in decluttering your day.

Morning: Getting Ready

When you get ready in the morning, do you flip past five pieces of clothing you’d never wear? This is your sign to take them out of your closet! Your local Goodwill will be able to put them to good use.

Afternoon: Out the Door

As you leave to take a walk or head to the gym, what’s hidden in your coat closet? Rain boots you thought you’d love, old winter hats and gloves, or a stash of Christmas decorations you’d forgotten about? Declutter your day by donating these items to your local Goodwill! Donations go towards funding our mission of providing opportunities to those with barriers to employment.

Evening: Watching a Movie

When you begin winding down at the end of the day and curl up to watch a movie, look around. Do you have dozens of movies you’ll never watch again? How about books you’re no longer interested in? Make someone’s day when you donate your old favorites to your local Goodwill! 

Evening: Preparing for Bed

Once you are prepared for bed, take an extra moment to take in your surroundings. Are there items that no longer bring you joy? Items like art you once enjoyed or a nightstand you never got around to refinishing may be cluttering your life. As you take in what brings you joy, you may realize that you can live simpler and feel good about giving to those who need help.

By the end of just one day of decluttering, you’ll have gathered a bag full of items that can aid your local community. In fact, the average bag of donations to Goodwill can fund one hour of programming for participants! This includes Day Services, Skills Training, and Career Services. Learn more about the services that Goodwill of Central Iowa provides and the impact of your donations.

Tag us in your decluttering and donating @dmgoodwill and use hashtag #DeclutterYourDay.

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