Visit A Store

We made the difficult decision to close our retail stores and donation doors at this time. Many factors went into this decision – with the health and wellbeing of our community leading the way.

These are uncharted waters for all of us, and the decision to close our stores is a scary one for us to make. As a non-profit, we rely almost exclusively on retail donations and sales to fund our mission.

We know, by acting proactively and through support from our community, that we will band together and get through this. When we do, our team is ready to serve and we will jump headfirst into helping those that will be seeking employment.

For now, you can help us in a few different ways:
1. Respect that our stores and donation doors are closed. Please do not leave items outside.

2. Shop online with us at shopgoodwill.com/desmoines so we can continue generating revenue to get us started again when this is all over. We will have a big job to do and we need to be ready.

3. Create a donation bin at your house so you can gather all your unwanted items. We will be so thankful to have them once we are back open!

* Does not accept donations